Moving walk

Moving walk

It is convenient, prompt, smooth, comfortable, secure, attractive. It travels as easily as walking on firm earth. GOSHIN moving walk features as low noise, durable, convenient repair etc.
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    Safety protection device

    GOSHIN moving walk sets a series of safety protection devices. Electrical control system applies fully computerized control. If there is something wrong in running process, it promptly cuts off power supply. It applies multiple energy-saving technologies to save running cost for vast users at all times. Unique shock-absorbing noise-reducing structure make the passengers feel comfortable, smooth and peaceful in travel.

    Effective running energy-saving environment-protection

    GOSHIN moving walk gives a full use of advanced manufacture craft technology. It greatly enhances the product properties. It prolongs the elevators use cycle. Its direct effect is to reduce the clients operation cost. Optional vanable frequency drive technology gets noticeable energy-saving effect. It reduces the elevators operational cost to maximum degree.

    Energy-saving running mode

    It applies vanable frequency control or self-starting mode to fulfill energy-saving.

    Outstanding technology

    Handrail entry satety protection

    Protection against risk of foreign matters being jammed into handrail entry.

    Demarcation lamp

    Soft and green fluorescent light sends out from the engaging teeth in-between two adjacent steps(treads)in up I down end. It reminds the passengers to pay attention to the step entry /exit horizonta section. It thus enhances the travel safely.

    Skirt panel brush

    Brush is installed between step and skirting so that the passengers shoes do not touch the skirt panel.

    Cover-plate anti-reversal technology

    It applies "movable cover-plate hook-up device". A strengthened hook-up device is installed respectively left and right of movable cover-plate. It ensures that frontline cover-plate is safe and firm under vanous conditions. It will not be reversed.

    Step loss protection device

    It sets one monitor device respectively in drive station and steering station. When it detects step or tread loss, escalator immediately stops. It thus effectively ensures the passengers' safety.

    Automatic Lubricaor

    It is controlled by micro-computer. It gives lubricating signal within the set penod. It automatically connects with hydraulic pump for oiling and lubrication.

    Comb Teeth safety Devices

    Front ends of comb teeth plates are installed on springs. If any foreign substance is nipped between moving escalator steps and static comb teeth plates such plates will move in vertical or backward directions, and trigger the safety switches monitoring at both sides of the plates, and the escalators will be automatically stopped.

    Side guide high accuracy step guide rail system

    High rigidity big profile guide rail with nose used as transverse step positioning guarantee the minimum gap between the skirt and step, decrease the possibility of objects clamp in between.

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    ? 0° - 6° moving walk construction sketch

    ? 10° - 12° moving walk construction sketch

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    ? Standard function

    Frequency converter

    When chooses the frequency converter, it can effectivel reduce the energy consumption, usually save 60% of the energy in the little passenger flow and efficiently cut down 80% of the peak-value current. The escalator operates at low speed under no-load conditions, while detects the accessing passenger, it will retum to normal speed for the operation.

    Oil / water separator(Apply to outdoor type)

    It separates the escalator oil and water. Rain exhausts through oil /water separator. We regularly clean oil mainly for the environmental protection purpose.

    ? Optional function

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