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      Hospital elevator

      Hospital elevator

      As far as hospital environment is concerned, GOSHIN hospital elevator has no electro-magnetic interference. It is trustworthy for you to cooperate with GOSHIN. GOSHIN hospital elevator strictly accords with various standards of electro-magnetic compatibility.
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        Anion aseptic car technology

        It greatly enhances sterilizing effect, It creates a more clean and comfortable space!

        Stretch elevator

        Rescue lives, green emergency rescue path

        GOSHIN stretcher elevator is specially designed for 12F and above high-rise residence. It can hold stretcher. It has been developed and produced according to the products'use peculiarity. It has advantages such as large space, simple and concise equipment, simple operation and so on. It will give a key play in high-rise residence.

        Safe and convenient custom-made GOSHIN Stretch elevator

        GOSHIN stretcher elevator has been specially designed for your building. It applies high strength section materials to produce the elevator cars. It can bear various kinds of heavy stretchers. It safely delivers the patients /goods. It effectively protects the security of both the people and the goods.

        Human-centered design, rich functions

        It meets the requirements of emergency delivery of patients. It applies human-centered design. It is equipped with a full set of advanced equipment. It is smooth and comfortable in travel. car is broad and bright. It not only holds stretcher, but also brings great convenience for people to carry large furniture.

        Accurate leveling, large door opening distance

        Leveling accuracy can be controlled within mm-level range. Door opening can fulfill maximum width. It is convenient for free entry /exit of any stretchers.

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        Applecation:Hospital & Stretcher

        Speed range(m/s):1.0-2.0

        load range(kg):1000-1600

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        ? Hospital elevator construction sketch

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        ? Standard function

        ? Optional function

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