High speed elevator

High speed elevator

Chinese urbanization process quickens progressively each day, High-rise office buildings and hotels get higher and higher. GOSHIN Elevator keeps breaking through innovations. Test tower can test 12m/s highest testing speed. It leads industrial development by more effective, stable and secure elevator technologies.
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    Innovative technology

    New style high speed gearless traction machine needs no deceleration drive. It brings about more compact structure, light weight, higher drive efficiency. Upper /lower car adds fairing. Streamline fairing accords with aerodynamics principle. It effectively reduces high speed operation wind drag. It enhances operational speed.


    Safe & reliable

    It applies dual control systems. It respectively collects elevators position information for data comparison. It executes accurate position correction to elevator position. It ensures the safer high speed elevator operation. Inner new style sealing technology prevents car from quickly rushing to top. It thus ensures the passengers'safety. Oxygen silicon compounds safety tongs superiorly resist heat and wear-ability. It further increases secure elevator operation.

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    Applecation:Hotel & Office building


    load range(kg):450-1600

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    ? Small machine room passenger elevator construction sketch

    ? Machine roomless passenger elevator construction sketch

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    ? Standard function

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