Automobile Elevator

Automobile Elevator

GOSHIN automobile elevator introduces well-developed international automobile elevation technology. It develops and produces automobile elevator through absorption, conversion and enhancement. It ensures even encountering force to elevator car through optimized properties. It thus greatly increases smooth elevator operation.
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    Dual operation buttons box( Optional)

    There are two operation box buttons in the car. Therefore the driver can operate the elevator in the car without stepping out of it.


    Special display system( Optional)

    Special circuit control and display system is convenient for the drivers inside/outside the car.


    Safety guide device( Optional)

    Car ground has safety guide device. It ensures safety of both elevators and automobiles.


    Front-and-aft door opening( Optional)

    The elevator car sets front rear door opening which is more convenient for the safety sector and for the cars to enter into /exit from the elevator cars.

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    Applecation:Factory, warehouse, garage

    Speed range(m/s):0.25-0.5

    load range(kg):3000-5000

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    ? Automobile elevator construction sketch

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    ? Standard function

    ? Optional function

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